Cashew and butter cookies vs hyp protein cookies - what’s best for you?

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Butter Cookies

The cookie market is flooded with a dearth of options to pick and choose from, right from chocolate Bourbon biscuits covered in sugar crystals, to the rich and creamy butter cookies. These cookies have become a staple for many across the country and find their place on the tea table every evening. Considered by many as a perfect accompaniment as tea time snack, these cookies are anything but healthy, and for all you know, maybe a contributing factor in your weight gain. 

When pipped against one another, the famous butter cookies prove to be inferior to the HYP Protein cookies, and for good reason.

Butter Cookies Vs HYP Cookies


3 Butter cookies i.e. 27 grams contain 140 calories, which is made up of 19 grams of carbohydrates that are derived from sugar and refined flour. When compared with a HYP Protein cookie, for every 42 grams, you get 22.1 carbohydrates from healthy sources, and 5 of which are fiber, thus helping you stay satiated for long.


For every 3 Butter cookies i.e. 27 grams, you get 6 grams of fat, how much of it is from butter, only the manufacturer knows, whereas a 42 gram serving of HYP Protein cookies contains 8.9 grams of fat. To simplify this, the butter cookies contain 22.22% fats, whereas a HYP Protein cookie contains 21% fats, all sourced from healthy sources.


When it comes to protein per serving, it's not even a contest, as 3 butter cookies will give you a mere 2 grams of protein and in all likelihood, it will be an incomplete protein source, whereas a HYP Protein cookie will give you 10 grams of high-quality protein per serving, without having to compromise on taste.

When it comes to your health, nutrition plays a crucial role, and feeding your body with high-quality, protein-rich foods will help you stay healthy and fit for years to come.



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