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Good fats v/s bad fats; what’s the truth

Over the years, fats have been villainized by many and have been linked to weight gain, health issues, etc. Fats were the target for many marketing firms, as they launched low-fat "healthy" snack variants just to lure customers. But are all fats bad? Do fats lead to weight gain, or do fats cause heart issues? Is there anything called healthy fats? In today's blog, we'll answer all your questions surrounding fats.    Dietary fats: Dietary fats aka Fatty Acids can be found in both plant and animal-based foods. While certain types of fats are harmful and dangerous, others have been...

Know your calories - pizza

One of the most popular fast-food meals is pizza and with pizza chains rapidly growing across the country, more and more Indians are turning to this cheesy Italian classic. So are the commercially sold...

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