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Dessert time - rich and creamy custard

Who doesn't love dessert? It's the perfect way to end a meal, with a sweet dish that brings a broad and beaming smile to everyone's face. Right from kids, to grandparents, ending on a sweet note is something that everyone looks forward to doing. One such popular dessert is custard. Prepared using milk, a packet of readymade custard mix, and a few fruits to go along with it, this quick recipe is a hit across the nation. If you don't know how this dish could be adding to your calories, then this blog is just for you. The ingredients: Refined...

Crispy chicken nuggets - know your calories

One of the most popular side dishes to order when at any fast food outlet is chicken nuggets, and what's not to like about it? Deep-fried chicken chunks, coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried till...

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Veg spring roll - know your calories

A crispy exterior and a tangy vegetable and noodle filling served piping hot! Now what’s not to like about the popular veggie spring roll? This popular Indian dish comes packed with vegetables and is...

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Crispy veg burger - know your calories

Veg Burger, a popular American fast food dish that hit Indian shores years ago has slowly but surely gained a lot of popularity in the country, albeit with an Indian twist. And what’s not to...

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Chatpata ragda patties - know your calories

Ragda patties is one of the most popular street snacks in major cities such as Mumbai, and for good reason, as it is economical, packs in a lot of flavour, and is quickly prepared. But...

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Potato chips vs hyp protein cookie - snacking stand-off

  A quick visit to your nearest supermarket or local grocery store will leave you with a lot of mid-day snack options to pick and choose from but making the right choice from the...

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