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Dahi kachori - know your calories

A crispy exterior stuffed with lentils and a mixture of different spices, the humble Dahi kachori, which was once popular in North India, has taken the country by storm. Served with sweet curd, a spicy and sweet chutney, and garnished with sev, this mid-day or evening snack is sure to keep your taste buds excited. But how exactly do you calculate the macronutrients? How can you figure or calculate whether or not they fit into your daily calories? Does one dahi kachori contain 200 kcal? Or 500 kcal? Or is it worse? Don’t stress! Today’s Know Your Calories blog will help...

Chatpata ragda patties - know your calories

Ragda patties is one of the most popular street snacks in major cities such as Mumbai, and for good reason, as it is economical, packs in a lot of flavour, and is quickly prepared. But...

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Know your calories - the hard to resist pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a popular street food that initially gained a lot of popularity in Mumbai, with it slowly spreading all across the country. With a combination of mixed vegetables, butter, and spices, one...

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