Know your calories - the hard to resist pav bhaji

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Pav bhaji is a popular street food that initially gained a lot of popularity in Mumbai, with it slowly spreading all across the country. With a combination of mixed vegetables, butter, and spices, one would be led to believe that this dish is on the healthy side. In today's know-your-calories blog, we shall take a look at its ingredients, calories, and its impact on your fitness goals.

Pav Bhaji Calories


The bhaji itself is a concoction of mixed vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, green peas, all brought together with a dollop of butter and a mixture of spices. These vegetables are first boiled and then cooked once again on a pan to the point where most of the nutrients are lost due to them being overcooked.

Pav Bhaji Calories


27 grams or 243 calories come from fats alone, most of which comes from butter, but many restaurants and eateries are known to add vegetable oil to cut the costs. 


64 grams or 256 calories comes from carbohydrates, most of which comes from the bread or pav that is made from refined flour and vegetable oil. 


As always with junk food, the most important macronutrient aka protein is available in the lowest quantity at a mere 6 grams or 24 grams.

While pav bhaji may be extremely hard to resist and is an absolute lip-smacker, saving it for special occasions is the best thing you can do. 

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