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Fried rice calories - impact on your fitness goals

One of the most popular street foods across the county is fried rice, and for good reason, as it's easily available and can be quickly prepared, making it popular among college-going teens and working individuals as well. So why is it so popular and why it could be adding to your waistline? To answer the first part, fried rice is filling and is easily available. Besides, it's loaded with sodium-packed soy sauce, making it all the more tempting to gorge upon. So is fried rice as bad as it seems? And is it all that bad? Let’s take a look,...

Chicken manchurian and its impact on your health

Desi ‘chinese’ foods are one of the most popular food types anywhere in the country. Right from being served in hotels, to restaurants to even being prepared roadside, fast food is here to stay....

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