Fried rice calories - impact on your fitness goals

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Fried Rice Calories

One of the most popular street foods across the county is fried rice, and for good reason, as it's easily available and can be quickly prepared, making it popular among college-going teens and working individuals as well. So why is it so popular and why it could be adding to your waistline? To answer the first part, fried rice is filling and is easily available. Besides, it's loaded with sodium-packed soy sauce, making it all the more tempting to gorge upon. So is fried rice as bad as it seems? And is it all that bad? Let’s take a look, shall we?

The ingredients:

As always, we at HYP believe in relying on facts to help you draw to your conclusions. One of the most controversial ingredients often used in fried rice is Monosodium Glutamate, aka MSG, an ingredient that is often linked to various health issues such as hypertension and weight gain. Another controversial ingredient used is Soy sauce that is extremely high in sodium and is commonly linked to weight gain and hypertension.

Fried Rice Calories


Anyone following this page will tell you that carbs per se aren't bad for you. However, 52% of the calories in a bowl of fried rice come from carbohydrates alone, all from refined rice that is nothing but empty calories. Moreover, the fiber content of the dish is negligible, making these calories pretty useless for your body.


Once again, fats are generously used in fast foods to reduce the cooking time. Close to 42% of the overall calories come from fats, mostly palm or refined oils that are re-used and heated beyond their smoking point. Together with the added MSG and sodium, fats add to the flavours that leave you wanting to take another morsel.


Like every other unhealthy meal, the most important macro-nutrient is in the lowest quantity. Depending on the variant of fried rice (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) you choose, you will get a minuscule amount of protein, most of which won’t be useful towards muscle building.

So what is the solution?

If you are on the lookout for a quick meal that is nutritious and convenient, then a HYP Meal replacement protein bar or a Sugarfree Protein bar is your best bet, as you get all the required calories in the best ratio possible and will help you feel full for a longer duration.

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