Working out from home, now made easier.

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The current Covid19 pandemic has caused chaos across the globe and with a lockdown being imposed in various countries, including India, it has meant that fitness enthusiasts have been forced to stay away from the gym for close to what will be 2 months. With a vaccine and a cure for the virus at least a few months away, many will be sceptical of rejoining the gym, if and when they do open. But does that mean that you will lose all your gains? Does that mean that you cannot work-out from home?


Overpriced gym equipment:

The lockdown has resulted in various e-commerce sellers to take advantage of the situation and to over-inflate the prices of various home gym equipment. A quick search of various e-commerce websites will show how expensive this equipment has really become. But does that mean that you cannot work out? Or does that mean that you need to shell out a few thousand to get a hold of the overpriced equipment? The simple answer is a big No. If you are someone who has been asked to take a pay cut due to the lockdown, then chances are that the last thing that you would want to splurge on is some fancy home equipment. So let's take a look at some of the more creative options at your disposal.


Make your home gym equipment for free:

You read that right, you do not need to invest thousands to gain access to a home gym. The home gym is, after all, just weights and you can find these easily within your home, you just need to think out of the box. One of the easiest ways to make your own gym equipment is to get a hold of a few empty plastic bottles. If you have access to sand, then nothing like it. If you don’t, then you need not worry. You can fill the bottles with water and you are good to go. The next step is to find a bamboo stick, a regular strong stick, or a metal pipe, which can act as a barbell. Once you are ready with the same, then you are just one step away from putting this kit together.


How to set it up:

Assuming that you have filled your water bottles, you need to place the bottles in two sturdy plastic bags, ensuring that the weight in both the bags is equal. The next step is to tie a knot in such a way, that you can slide the ends of the makeshift bar into the bags and then retying them on your makeshift bar, using strings. Once you have done that, then you are good to go.

Let's face it, not everyone has access to their own personal gym and the lockdown is causing people immense emotional stress, due to various reasons. While you do have an option of sitting around and waiting for a vaccine to come around, those who are true fitness enthusiasts will look for innovative and creative ways to make the best out of a situation.

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and I have chosen to make the best of this lockdown and utilizing the time at hand to get fit, come what may. Remember, the choice is yours. 

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