Are digestive biscuits yet another marketing ploy?

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Digestive Biscuits

Digestive biscuits are all the rage nowadays and are often marketed towards being a healthy snack option. With words such a multigrain, high fiber, and digestive printed all over the packet, you can't blame consumers for being misled. Are these so-called healthy biscuits good for you? 

The ingredients:

The first and highest quantity ingredient used is refined wheat flour. Its wheat flour that's refined to remove all the fiber and nutrients and what's left is a flour that's extremely high on the glycemic index scale. The next ingredient is palm oil, which is the cheapest form of oil that is extremely unhealthy for you. Only 15.3% of the ingredients are wheat flour, which is surprising, given that the cookies are marketed as a healthy alternative to other biscuits in the market. The cookies contain sugar and other unhealthy ingredients as well, the details of which we have covered extensively in our previous blogs.

Digestive Biscuit Calories


The nutritional information:


For every 100 grams of these cookies, you get a whopping 489 calories, so this by no means is a low-calorie snack, whereas a 42 gram serving of HYP Protein cookies comes in at a mere 177 calories.


While carbohydrates aren’t bad for you, the source of these carbohydrates can dictate the effect they can have on your blood sugar levels. These digestive cookies contain 67.10 grams of carbohydrates, of which 16.10 comes from refined sugar, while the rest comes from the refined flour used. These high levels of refined and processed carbs will put your blood sugar levels on a roller-coaster ride and in all likelihood will lead to weight gain. With a HYProtein cookie, for every 42 grams, you get 22.1 carbohydrates from healthy sources, and 5 of which are fiber, thus helping you feel full for longer.


21.20 grams of fats can be found in these pseudo health cookies, most of which are derived from palm oils, something that you should be avoiding. A HYProtein cookie contains 8.9 grams of fat, that is derived from healthier sources and the kind of fats that your body can put to good use.


Every 100 grams of these digestive cookies will give you a mere 7.30 grams of protein, most of which will be an incomplete source of protein, as it may not contain all the 9 essential amino acids. a HYP Protein cookie will give you 10 grams of high-quality protein per serving while being extremely tasty and satiating.

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