Know your calories – french fries

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It is hard to imagine a world without hot and crispy French fries. French fries are one of the crazily relished snacks that are available readily throughout the world.  At the same time it is grievous, to note that, these fries can cause numerous health risks even if it is consumed occasionally. Consuming potatoes in the non-fried form (such as potato salad and boiled, baked and mashed potatoes) does not increase the health complications. Whereas, consuming fried potatoes is linked to numerous health issues. Alarmingly, study says, a person who eats ‘fried potatoes’ twice a day or more than that, are mostly at an increased risk of mortality. So let us now have a look at the total calories gained after eating French fries.


Item Weight (grams)





French Fries

125 g 1.5 g 16 g 12 g 197 g
HYP Meal Replacement Bar 60 g 20 g 8 g 27 g 235 g 


By having a glance at the above calorie calculation, it is clear that there is very less intake of proteins and more of fats. French fries are particularly rich in trans fats, and saturated fats, which means chances of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes are high.  Hence, it is advisable to eat . Pick the right stuff and stay healthy.

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