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The HYP Cookies have been formulated to be as close as possible to the nutritional profile of our zero sugar range of protein bars. You will see that the protein content (10g per cookie) and the overall carb content (approx 22g per cookie) are very close to that of our bars. Where things have digressed a bit are the fat content and the miniscule amount of sugar content in the cookies.


The extra bit of fat content helps in giving a desirable texture while baking. The sugar in the cookies come from the flavor specific inclusions – the choco chips in the Double Chocolate variants and the raisin bits used in the Oatmeal Raisin variant.



Despite the minor amount of sugar content in the cookies, the overall glycemic index of the HYP Cookies are still low. It easily qualifies as a low GI product with minimal impact on blood sugar levels post consumption.


And the base of the cookie is a blend of protein from whey & milk sources along with whole wheat flour. Again we have refrained from using soy based sources just like in our bars. So what you get is the best proteins in terms of bio-availability and amino acid profile. The whole wheat adds up to the overall fiber content and goodness of the cookies.


Let the cookie crumble!

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