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Idli sambar is one of the staple breakfast choices across the country, and for good reason, as it's affordable, easily available and most restaurants prepare it ahead of time, which means that you don't need to wait for it to be prepared. For those of you who don't know, idli is steamed lentils and rice cakes and sambar is a curry that's prepared using multiple lentils and spices that are cooked together to form a tangy and savoury gravy. So, is Idli Sambar a healthy breakfast option? or are there better and healthier options available for you? We shall take a look at it in today's 'Know Your Calories' blog.

 Idly Sambhar Calories


Ingredients: Soft and fluffy cakes made using rice and lentils that are steamed, these carbohydrate-loaded cakes are packed with calories and while the sambar curry is prepared using lentils and vegetables, they are prepared using refined vegetable oil and later a 'tadka' using refined oil once again to add some more flavour.

Idly Sambhar Calories

Carbohydrates: 61 grams or 244 Kcal comes from Carbohydrates alone, most of which come from the rice and lentils. These carbohydrates may not be unhealthy per se but are mostly empty calories that will add to your daily calories without adding much value to your daily nutrition.

Fats: While Idli Sambar may be low on fats at a mere 8 grams or 72 Kcal per serving, the oil used here is commercially available palm or vegetable oil that is used in the preparation primarily of the Sambar.

Protein: As it has been an ongoing trend with Indian foods, the most important macronutrient Protein is found in the lowest quantity at a mere 7 grams or 28 Kcal.

While Idli Sambar may not be the unhealthiest breakfast option, do keep in mind that your body is deprived of essential proteins while asleep, and feeding it healthy foods in the morning is the best way not just to a healthy lifestyle, but also aids in weight loss by curbing hunger pangs and also keeps you feeling energetic throughout the day.


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