Lifestyle changes for diabetics to live healthy

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India is considered the diabetic capital of the world and for good measure, as our diets are loaded with sugary carbohydrates, and this when paired with an unhealthy and sedate lifestyle makes it an ideal condition for obesity and other health-related issues to surface. Controlling diabetes and living a healthy lifestyle may involve making major changes to how you live your life, and one such major change is modulating what and how much you eat. 

High Blood Sugar

Benefits of eating small meals:

As many diabetologists recommend that diabetic patients must avoid eating large meals and must, instead, opt for 6 smaller meals spaced out throughout the day. This is to ensure that you provide your body with sufficient time to produce insulin, as diabetic patients, for the most part, are insulin resistant. Secondly, eating small meals helps keep those mid-day hunger pangs away, which ensures that your overall caloric intake is easily modulated. Diabetics also need to include fiber-rich foods in their diet as fiber doesn't cause an insulin response and helps keep you satiated for long.

Protein in every meal:

Besides being building blocks for the human body, protein-rich foods also keep you satiated for long, thus reducing the likelihood of gorging on unhealthy snacks. Similarly, if you suffer from hypoglycemia, then eating small meals throughout the day will ensure that your blood glucose levels remain stable, rather than experiencing highs and lows. Ensure that you consult your diabetologist and formulate a diet plan to ensure that foods that cause an insulin spike aren't included in your meals.

Say no to liquid calories:

One of the easiest ways to spike your blood sugar is to overconsume calories in a single serving. The major problem with liquid calories is the fact that they can be easily over-consumed and can result in a massive spike in your blood sugar levels. Beverages such as colas, fruit juices etc. are loaded with sugar. Fruit juices are stripped off all the fiber and essential vitamins, and only the sugar is left behind. Instead, you must opt for eating whole fruits, as you not only get all the essential vitamins and minerals but fiber as well.

Regular physical activities:

If you're a diabetic, then you must keep a tab of your weight as diabetics tend to hold water in their bodies. Over time, this can lead to renal issues and can force a patient to undergo dialysis if left untreated. Ensure that you participate in regular walks to burn those extra calories. Walking will also help in shedding those extra pounds and will stabilize your blood sugar levels. 

While there is no one fix to control your diabetes, these small steps will ensure that you regain control over your blood glucose levels and more importantly your health and life. 

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