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Know your calories - chicken nuggets

Chicken Nuggets is an easy snack, which is loved and relished by kids and adults alike. This kid-friendly and widely popular snack is very often demanded by kids. Should you give into to your kiddos' requests for these bite-sized chicken pieces?  Have a look at the nutritional value of Chicken Nuggets: Avg Weight of chicken nuggets (100 gm)      Calories (K cal)   296   Fat (g)   20   Saturated Fat (g)   4   Cholesterol (mg)   43   Trans fat (mg)   0   Carbohydrates (g)   14   Protein (g)   15   Sodium (mg)   557...

Know your calories – vada pav

Mumbai’s very own burger. Vada Pav and Mumbai are synonymous. Every Mumbaikar is so fond of this crispy, flavorful everyday sandwich. This inexpensive snack Vada pav is another love of Mumbaiites after pav bhaji....

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Cholesterol in our diet

Cholesterol  is present in every single cell of our body. It goes by the chemical formula C27H46O – essentially a carbon-based molecule. Cholesterol is a vital component of our body to maintain our cellular...

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