Know your calories - chicken nuggets

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Chicken Nuggets is an easy snack, which is loved and relished by kids and adults alike. This kid-friendly and widely popular snack is very often demanded by kids. Should you give into to your kiddos' requests for these bite-sized chicken pieces? 

Have a look at the nutritional value of Chicken Nuggets:

Avg Weight of chicken nuggets (100 gm)
  Calories (K cal)   296
  Fat (g)   20
  Saturated Fat (g)   4
  Cholesterol (mg)   43
  Trans fat (mg)   0
  Carbohydrates (g)   14
  Protein (g)   15
  Sodium (mg)   557

The Verdict:

Most types of processed chicken nuggets should be eaten sparingly. Besides offering very little nutritional value, they contain high amount of preservatives. If chicken nuggets are a favorite in your house, opt to make your own – baked, fried or even broiled – at least you’ll have complete control over the ingredients you’re serving.

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