Know your calories – vada pav

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Mumbai’s very own burger. Vada Pav and Mumbai are synonymous. Every Mumbaikar is so fond of this crispy, flavorful everyday sandwich. This inexpensive snack Vada pav is another love of Mumbaiites after pav bhaji. It is one of the most humble street foods of Mumbai. Yet it is very tasty and delicious.



But Have you Ever wondered what the nutritional values would be like? Here it is

  Avg Weight of an Vada Pav (1 Piece)
  Calories (K cal)   300
  Fat (g)   9
  Saturated Fat (g)   5
  Cholesterol (mg)   70
  Trans fat (mg)   10
  Carbohydrates (g)   58
  Protein (g)   3
  Sodium (mg)   250




No matter how tempting vada pav looks, eating fried batata vada stuffed with potatoes can take a toll on your health. A single vada pav contains around 300 calories. Vada pav for instance is termed as junk food, because it is high in starch content from the potato and the maida in the pav. Deep frying adds to the calories, while the baking soda in the besan can cause digestive complaints such as acidity, constipation and flatulence.



Therefore, If you really want something filling and healthy, try lightly tossed vegetables with whole wheat bread. Nothing fried or starchy.




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