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Foods to eat if you have diabetes

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If you are a diabetic, it can be hard to figure out what to eat to feel your best and keep your blood sugar under control. But there are lots of diabetic diet-friendly foods you can enjoy. And rather than keeping the focus on what foods to avoid with diabetes, it's refreshing to focus on the foods you can and should be eating more of. These top foods to eat with diabetes are nutrient-packed powerhouses that can help you control your blood sugar and stay healthy.




Beans are among nature’s most nutritious foods and are loaded with fiber and protein to keep you feeling full, making them a great option for vegetarians and vegans. They deliver essential minerals like magnesium and potassium. They are also a source of carbohydrates with about 20 grams of carbs per half-cup serving. People who add a cup or more of beans to their diets every day have better control on their blood sugar and lowered their blood pressure.



Not only is salmon high in protein, but is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep your heart healthy by lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels. It’s also full of vitamin D and selenium for healthy hair, skin, nails, and bones. Other types of fatty fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna, mackerel and sardines can also provide these protective effects, which are especially important for people with diabetes,



This fragrant spice has been shown to lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar more stable. Just 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon per day is said to improve fasting blood sugar & cholesterol levels. Cinnamon contains a compound called hydroxychalcone, which helps stimulate insulin receptors on cells and in turn, improve your body’s ability to absorb blood sugar. Get your cinnamon fix by sprinkling it into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or even your coffee.



The list of benefits for nuts goes on and on. Walnuts in particular have been shown to help fight heart disease and can improve blood sugar levels, all thanks to walnut’s high levels of polyunsaturated fats. These healthy fats have been shown to help prevent and slow the progression of conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Nuts are low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat, which makes them good for stabilizing blood sugar.



High in soluble fiber, oats are slower to digest than processed carbs. Eat them and you’ll release glucose into the bloodstream more slowly, which will prevent spikes in your blood-sugar levels. Oats can help improve blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting insulin levels.



Taking steps to prevent or control diabetes doesn’t mean living in deprivation; it means eating a tasty, balanced diet that will also boost your energy and improve your mood. You don’t have to give up sweets entirely or resign yourself to a lifetime of bland food. You can still take pleasure from your meals without feeling hungry or deprived. How about trying our Zero Sugar Protein bars as a healthy snack option. Visit to explore our wide range of products.

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