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Savoury chicken cutlets - know your calories

A popular Indian snack served at many bakeries and restaurants is the spicy and flavourful chicken cutlet and what’s not to like? With a crispy interior and savory chicken mince blended with spices, coated with egg and breadcrumbs, and often served with bread or in a burger bun, this dish is an instant hit in every household. But have you ever wondered how many calories a single chicken cutlet contains? In today’s blog, we’ll analyze the ingredients and break down the macros for you. Ingredients: As always, we analyze the ingredients first in order to help us get a better understanding...

Crispy chicken nuggets - know your calories

One of the most popular side dishes to order when at any fast food outlet is chicken nuggets, and what's not to like about it? Deep-fried chicken chunks, coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried till...

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Dahi kachori - know your calories

A crispy exterior stuffed with lentils and a mixture of different spices, the humble Dahi kachori, which was once popular in North India, has taken the country by storm. Served with sweet curd, a...

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Crispy fried chicken drumsticks - know your calories

One of the most popular foods across the globe and an American specialty, crispy fried chicken was an instant hit no sooner it hit the Indian shores. Deep-fried chicken drumsticks marinated in buttermilk, spices,...

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Know your calories - bhujia sev

As new year’s eve draws to a close, social gatherings are bound to be planned. While social gatherings such as house parties may or may not include alcohol, but snacks such as bhujia sev...

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