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Vadaa Paav nutrition value

A favorite Mumbai delicacy, vada pav is a staple dish which is eaten by one and all for its distinct taste. It is filling and is easy in the pocket, making it a lunch or snack option for several Mumbaikars. Vada pav is deep-fried with a potato filling which is then sandwiched between a bun with some spicy chutney. A single serving of Two piece vada pav equals to 300 calories and the frying further makes it rich in fats. If you still can’t resist this dish, you can try making its healthier version at home.

Take a look at the calorie count and the complete nutrition value in a Vada Pav.

                                                  Vada Pav Nutrition Value
Weight in Grams 60 (1 piece)
Calories 150.83
Fat 4.4
Saturated Fat 0.08
Trans fat 0.02
Cholestrol(mg) 0
Sodium(mg) 12.8
Carbohydrates 24
Proteins 1.5


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