Top 5 home exercises for weight loss

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Burning fats and getting into shape may sound difficult for many, but it is far easier than you think it is. If your body schedule does not permit you to join the gym, go swimming, cycle or jog, or even walk, then we at HYP have got you covered. Firstly, you must clean up your diet, as you can never out exerise on a poor diet. Considering that you are eating right and are getting the required amount of sleep daily, then thee home exervises are just for you.



One of the best exercises to perform at home and for just a few minutes is burpies. Burpies not only help you build upper body strength but also increases mobility and explosiveness, thus helping you to increase your core strength and speed. Each burpee burns anywhere between 12 to 15 calories per minute depending on the intensity with which it is performed.


Free squats:

A natural movement for us humans is the squat, but due to various lifestyle changes, we have forgotten how to squat. Squats place a tremendous load on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core and burn anywhere between 9 to 10 calories per minute, besides helping you build those killer legs.


Jumping jack:

A full-body exercise that will help you break into a sweat is a jumping jack. The exercise is ideal for those who are obese as the exercise does not place too much load on the joints of the person, while burning a fair amount of calories at the time. Jumping jacks burn anywhere from 7 to 9 calories per minute, which may sound less, but the advantage here is that it can be done for a few minutes at a time, making this an effective exercise to burn those extra calories.



One of the most forgotten and overlooked full body exercises is skipping. Gone are the days where kids would spend a fair amount of play time using the skipping rope. Boxers use skipping not just as a conditioning training, but to increase speed and mobility, while also strengthening their cardiovascular system. Skipping can burn anywhere from 10 to 12 calories per minute and is one of the most effective ways to break a sweat and increase your speed and mobility.


Push Ups:

The best bodyweight exercise that you can perform at home is the classic pushup. Many bodybuilders and pro athletes swear by the effectiveness of the pushup, as it helps burn calories, while building strength as well. A minute of push ups can burn 8 to 10 calories per minute and can be performed almost in any corner of your house. If you want to crank up the intensity, then try performing the Indian Surya Namaskar, as it has proven to be a bit more challenging for many.

Getting into shape and losing weight if you are obese is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. Losing weight increases your cardiovascular strength, helps take the weight off your joints and ligaments, reduces blood pressure, lowers blood glucose levels and is also an excellent way to boost your mental health and focus. All of the above-listed exercises can be performed from within the comfort of your home. Keep following us for more such health and fitness tips.

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