Top 5 foods and beverages that diabetics must avoid

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India is the diabetic capital of the world, and for good reason, as our foods are extremely high in carbohydrates, and low in protein and healthy fats. A diet rich in rice, bread, chapatis, and rotis, without much attention being given to protein sources has resulted in most India not only being protein-deficient but also insulin resistant. Since Diabetics are not only immune-compromised but are also prone to vision and renal issues, we've listed the top 5 foods and drinks that diabetics must avoid at all costs this summer.

Soft drinks and Colas:

One of the worst beverages that you can consume is cola, and for good reason, as it comes loaded with sugar, artificial colour, flavours, and preservatives. Cola is one of the easiest ways to spike your blood glucose levels and is nothing but empty calories, which your body definitely doesn't need. 


This might come as a surprise to many, but fruit juices, be they fresh or packed is extremely bad for diabetics. Since juices contain little to no fiber and are nothing more than a glorified version of a sugary drink, as the sweetness comes from fructose, you are better off skipping this drink and sticking to whole fruits instead.

Breakfast cereals:

This might come as an eye-opener to many, but your so-called "healthy breakfast" might not be healthy after all. Be it a bowl of muesli, corn flakes, or choco flakes, most of these cereals come loaded with a ton of sugar and dried fruits, placing them high on the glycemic index and will give you a sugar rush to start your day.

High-sugar fruits:

Not all fruits are good for you, especially if you are a diabetic, as they can take your blood glucose levels to soar high. Fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and jackfruit are extremely high in sugar, and if you must absolutely consume them, then moderation is the key.

Processed foods:

Packaged snacks such as chips, be they baked or fried are extremely unhealthy, as not only are they loaded with preservatives, but are high in starch and sugars, not just making them palatable, but increasing the shelf life as well. A packet of chips, or ghatia, farsan contains nothing but empty calories and has no nutritional significance, which not only spikes your blood glucose but will also lead to weight gain and other health complications.

If a healthy snack is what you crave, then the market is flooded with alternatives such as readymade protein shakes, protein bars, milk, etc. Remember, what you consume today, will impact your health tomorrow. You must always choose the best foods whenever possible.


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