A summer favourite malai kulfi - know your calories

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Summers are here and everyone has their way of combating the heat. From consuming cold beverages to ice creams to cold showers, each one has its own way of combating the heat. One popular Indian summer dessert is malai kulfi and for good reason, as it's affordable, tastes better than ice cream, and is convenient to eat on the go, especially the stick variant. So how many calories does this dish contain? We'll help you find answers in today's blog.


Ingredients: Malai kulfi is prepared using whole milk, sugar, condensed milk (optional), nuts (optional), and sugar. Milk is a good source of calcium and Vitamin A, but it's the added ingredients that make this an unhealthy dessert.


Carbohydrates: Each serving of malai kulfi contains 21 grams of carbohydrates or 84 Kcal, of which, 15 grams come from refined sugar used to sweeten the milk. While milk itself contains naturally occurring sugar in the form of lactose, it's the added sugar that is a problem.

Fats: Each serving of malai kulfi contains 9 grams of fat or 81 Kcal. Now since these are natural fats that come from whole milk, they do not pose any health risks. However, if you are someone on a weight-loss program, then every calorie matters, and 81 calories is a lot.

Protein: As always unhealthy foods, they are low in protein, and this is no different for protein. Each serving of malai kulfi contains just 6 grams of protein or 24 Kcal. Being the most important macronutrient among the 3, this is pretty less.

Alternatives: Instead of malai kulfi, you can opt for sugar-free yogurt, a protein bar or shake, chaas/buttermilk or unsweetened lassi, or any dessert option that swaps sugar for a low or zero-calorie sweetener.

If your goal is to have that perfect beach body this summer then keep following us for more such health and nutrition tips.

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