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A summer favourite malai kulfi - know your calories

Summers are here and everyone has their way of combating the heat. From consuming cold beverages to ice creams to cold showers, each one has its own way of combating the heat. One popular Indian summer dessert is malai kulfi and for good reason, as it's affordable, tastes better than ice cream, and is convenient to eat on the go, especially the stick variant. So how many calories does this dish contain? We'll help you find answers in today's blog.   Ingredients: Malai kulfi is prepared using whole milk, sugar, condensed milk (optional), nuts (optional), and sugar. Milk is a good...

Dessert time - rich and creamy custard

Who doesn't love dessert? It's the perfect way to end a meal, with a sweet dish that brings a broad and beaming smile to everyone's face. Right from kids, to grandparents, ending on a...

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