5 gym etiquettes that you must follow

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The new year is the time to get fit and many health and fitness enthusiasts start their workout regimes within the first few days of the year. We have discussed the importance of working out regularly in our previous blogs, but we also need to discuss the elephant in the room; the importance of following some basic gym etiquettes that we need to make a habit.

re-rack weights

Re-Rack the weights:

Something that everyone should make an absolute habit to follow is that once you have used the dumbbells, plates, or whatever weights, you must restack them. Many fitness enthusiasts drop their weights around the bench and lifting area and go for another set of weights, without re-racking the weights they have used. Be respectful of the staff working there and kindly place the weights back to where they belong.

Don’t hog the machine/bench:

We get it! You may like to superset your workouts to save time or to get better muscle hypertrophy, but blocking the machine, or bench for prolonged periods is extremely disrespectful towards others who share the same gym with you. And please don’t sit around occupying the machine or bench surfing or chatting on social media, while others await their turn. Be respectful of their time. Social friends on social media can wait.

Always clean once you’re done:

You may or may not be a sweater, but every once in a while you may end up leaving the bench with a big blot of sweat. Keep in mind that others share the same equipment as you and that they may be unable to use the bench because you didn’t bother to wipe off your sweat. Always make it a point to carry a hand towel whenever you step inside the gym.

Don’t loiter:

Not all gyms are spacious enough to accommodate more than 20 people at a time. If you are done with a set or workout, move away and let the other person use the equipment. Also, don’t loiter around the water cooler and try to chit chat with a fellow gym buddy during or after your workouts, you are hogging up on space. Your conversations can continue outside the gym as well.

Don’t try to be a know it all:

Almost every gym has that one guy who loves giving free fitness knowledge to everyone they set their eyes on. Be it form, nutrition, rest between sets, to workout variations, they claim to know it all. Don’t be a know it all, don’t be this person. Only if you are approached for advice should you give it. You don’t know the other person’s fitness goals and experience, so leave it at that and concentrate on your workouts instead. 

These are some of the most basic gym etiquettes that you must not only start following in 2022 but whenever you step inside the gym.

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