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Summer has arrived and everyone wants to get their hands on ice cream or ice candy to beat the heat. Of the two, ice creams are extremely popular, not just among kids, but adults and senior citizens as well. What's not to like? It's made from milk, which is a good source of protein and calcium and also makes for some delicious dessert. Top it off with a generous serving of chocolate, butterscotch, or any syrup of your choice and you have the perfect dessert. So ice creams are healthy, correct? In today's know-your-calories blog, as usual, we will take a look at the ingredients and why you should keep your ice cream consumption low.

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The ingredients: 

If you believed that the primary ingredient that goes into making ice cream is milk or cream, then congratulations! you have fallen victim to some shady marketing tactics. Ice cream is made using a concoction of water, palm oil, sugar, liquid glucose, just a dash of milk solids, soy protein, and a few stabilizers. The concoction of palm oil, sugar and water is emulsified, giving it a similar texture to mayonnaise, and then artificial flavours and colors are added to the concoction. Ask yourself if you want to consume this chemical concoction.


Of the 33 grams or 132 Kcal of carbohydrates, a staggering 24 grams or 96 Kcal comes from refined sugar. The effects of refined sugars on the human body are well-documented here, so they should be avoided at all costs. 


Fats account for the second-highest number of calories and come in at 14.3 grams or 128.7 Kcal. Of these 14.3 grams, of fats, most of them come from palm oil, and not dairy fat. These added fats give the ice cream a creamy and soft texture. 


It shouldn't come as a surprise that the most important macronutrient (protein) comes in at a lowly 4 grams. Of these grams of protein, how much of it comes from the added milk solids and how much comes from soy isolate is only known to the manufacturer.

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy a post-meal dessert, then you can look for healthier options such as Frozen or Sugarfree Greek Yogurt, a sugar-free, chocolate-coated protein bar, or even fruits to satisfy your sugar cravings. 

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