Know your calories: the convenient yet delicious chicken frankie

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Chicken Frankie is one of the most popular snacks and for some even a meal option, as not only is it easily available, it's prepared almost immediately and conveniently carried around as well. Popular among college students and the 9 to 5 working-class individuals. College students may be compelled to eat unhealthy foods due to odd college timings, or maybe due to the fact that they live in hostels. Working individuals barely manage to take the time to eat a healthy breakfast, which makes it all the more difficult for them to opt for healthier food options. No matter what the group, each one faces its own challenges.

As always, we'll analyze the ingredients and help you understand the details of a chicken Frankie.

chicken frankie


The ingredients:

 The outer layer is a bread/roti that is made using refined flour, refined palm oil, and sugar. For the filling, an egg is used to coat the inner walls of the bread/roti and shredded chicken is also added to it, along with some cabbage and sauces.


Each Frankie contains 37 grams of carbohydrates, and since chicken and eggs contain no carbohydrates, all of them come from refined flour and sugar that is used in the preparation of the bread, both of which are high GI (glycemic index) foods and cause a blood-sugar spike.


One single Frankie contains 10 grams or 90 kcal of fats, all of which comes from refined palm oil, which is the most popular oil used in restaurants and eateries. Not only is palm oil bad for the environment, but is also extremely unhealthy and its consumption should be avoided whenever possible.


One chicken Frankie contains 17 grams of protein that is obtained from chicken and eggs. But don't be fooled, as calorie for calorie, a chicken Frankie contains just 68 kcal, making it the lowest calorically available macronutrient in the dish.

So the next time you are on the run, are busy with college or are finding it hard to take the time to eat healthily, you should look for healthier snack and meal options such as HYP Sugarfree bars if you want something light, or a HYP Meal replacement bar for something that can keep you satiated for long.

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