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Veg manchurian soup - know your calories

Nothing beats a cold winter’s evening with a good book and a piping hot bowl of soup. Soup is considered by many as a healthy dish, and for many, it even acts as a meal replacement, as it contains everything from mixed vegetables and a satiating texture that will help you feel full for a long time. One such popular soup is Veg Manchurian soup, and given that it’s a soup, albeit an Indo-Chinese one, it’s easy to be led to believe that it is healthy. Do not get confused with a Manchurian soup and a homemade vegetable or chicken...

Chinese bhel - know your calories

Street food, especially the Indo-Chinese foods sold street-side is extremely popular among the youngsters, as not only does it taste good, but it's quickly prepared and is quite economical. However, Indo-Chinese dishes are prepared...

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Know your calories: the convenient yet delicious chicken frankie

Chicken Frankie is one of the most popular snacks and for some even a meal option, as not only is it easily available, it's prepared almost immediately and conveniently carried around as well. Popular...

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Know your calories - french fries

French fries are a go to snack for many, especially when they visit their favourite fast-food joint. But as we all know french fries aren’t particularly healthy, not only are they deep fried, but...

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