Not losing weight on a low carb diet? why?

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Have you ever made the commitment of losing weight? If yes, then incorporating a low-carb diet would be a method tried by you. But was the road to a ‘slimmer new’ a success? Listed below are few reasons that might have hindered to reach your target weight.

You lose water weight, but you don’t realize it

Weight loss doesn’t happen over night! It is never a short process. Many people might have lost several kilos of weight in the first week of kick-starting their low-carb diet. But it is also important to note that the weight lost is mostly water weight. Losing water is never similar to that of losing fat. To ensure that you are losing fat, use a measuring tape. Try to measure your waist circumference and try to measure your body fat percentage every month. This will indicate, whether you are really losing fat or not. Do not get disappointed easily, be patient and follow the diet regularly.

Do not stress yourself

Eating healthy food and exercising is not always enough for overall health. Our bodies need proper functioning of hormones too. Being stressed most of the time deteriorates the consistency of your diet. The levels of stress hormones like cortisol might get elevated which will cause more hunger and cravings for junk food, thus preventing you from weight loss. Meditation and deep breathing exercises might help you in cutting back on being stressed.

Do not eat too many nuts

Needless to mention nuts are loaded with nutrition. But with that they are loaded with fats too. They consist nearly about 70% of calories which are fat. Their crunchy taste entices us to eat large amounts. Try to reduce the intake of nuts in large quantities.

Lack of sleep

We have already discussed in our previous blog ( how important is sleep. Sleep is the pillar to sustain a healthy life. Insufficient sleep leads to tiredness and makes you feel less motivated to exercise. As improper sleep makes us feel hungrier, it causes weight gain and obesity. Sleep disorders can be easily treated. Few tips are given below:

  • Sleeping in complete darkness is an easy to follow tip.
  • You should avoiding taking caffeine in the evening.
  • Going to bed on regular time each night will help you to maintain a good sleep circle.

Intake of large amounts of sweets/sweeteners

There are many sweets/sweeteners that have zero calories but can affect your appetite levels without any fail. Even though they are known to be calorie free, artificial sweeteners can also cause weight gain if consumed in the long term. Try to reduce the intake of sweets/sweeteners regularly. Adding them occasionally in your diets will not cause much harm.

Medical condition

Medicines are sometimes backed with a list of side effects. Certain medicines trigger weight when consumed regularly. In such cases, it is better to consult your doctor and find a way out to reduce weight without any health issues.

Cheat meals

Let us honestly accept there are people who fail to control themselves. They are completely addicted to junk food. Hence they end up having ‘cheat meals’ more often which are likely to do more harm. If you are cheating often then you are on the way to ruin your health progress. Enforce you cheat meal regimen as strictly as you possibly can.

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