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5 trap foods that you should stay away from

To begin with, what are trap foods? They're the kind of foods that mislead you into believing that they're healthy, but they're anything but. These foods are marketed in a manner where consumers are misled into believing that their health and quality of life will improve by consuming these foods. The reality, as usual, is far from what's told and sold to us.  1. Flavoured Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is one of the best snack options that you can pick, as it's loaded with probiotic gut-friendly bacteria that aids in digestion and also comes packed with protein and calcium. But...

5 zero calorie foods for weight loss

Zero calorie foods are excellent for people who want to lose weight because when you consume these foods your body will spend more time digesting the food and absorbing all the good nutrients from...

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5 reasons to include berries in your diet

  1.Rich in antioxidants Almost all berries are rich in antioxidants like resveratrol, ellagic acid, and anthocyanins. Antioxidants keep free radicals and inflammation under control, in addition to protecting your cells they also guard...

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