5 trap foods that you should stay away from

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To begin with, what are trap foods? They're the kind of foods that mislead you into believing that they're healthy, but they're anything but. These foods are marketed in a manner where consumers are misled into believing that their health and quality of life will improve by consuming these foods. The reality, as usual, is far from what's told and sold to us. 

1. Flavoured Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is one of the best snack options that you can pick, as it's loaded with probiotic gut-friendly bacteria that aids in digestion and also comes packed with protein and calcium. But yogurt brands have ruined this perfect snack by loading it with sugar, artificial flavors and colours, and maybe a tiny amount of fruit. 

Substitute: If in doubt, go for the unsweetened and unflavoured variant. 

2. Peanut Butter:

Considered by many to be a superfood, peanut butter is one of the most popular spreads across the globe. Peanut butter is loaded with heart-healthy fats and a fair amount of protein as well. Most packaged peanut butter is loaded with hydrogenated vegetable oil and sugar, which as you're aware, isn't good for you. 

Substitute: Read the ingredients. It should say roasted peanuts and salt only. 

3. Breakfast cereals:

Breakfast is considered to be one of the most important meals of the day and rightly so, as you end up having a meal after fasting the entire night. Where most of us go wrong is in the choices we make. We often pick options such as corn flakes and chocolate-flavored cereals that are packed with sugar in various forms. 

Substitute: Oats are one of the healthiest breakfast options you can pick, as they are loaded with complex carbohydrates, fiber, and a decent amount of protein per serving. 

4. Fruit juices:

This might come as a shocker to many health enthusiasts, but fruit juices, especially the packaged ones are anything but fresh. They're pasteurized and stored for months at end, causing them to lose whatever little nutritional benefits they may have. Plus, they're liquid calories that are loaded with fructose and no fiber, and many brands add sugar to the juice without disclosing it on the label. 

Substitute: Opt for whole fresh fruit instead. They're loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals and will help you stay satiated for longer. 

5. Processed meats:

Processed meats are usually made using the leftovers of a bird or animal and with the help of different binding agents are given the desired shape. They're loaded with sodium and preservatives which gives them a long shelf life. Needless to say, that these fake meats are bad for you. 

Substitute: Nothing beats fresh, period! You should always insist on fresh meats, as they're not loaded with chemicals to enhance the taste and prolong the shelf life.

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