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Veg kadhai-know your calories

One of the most popular dishes served in restaurants across the country, veg kadhai is a mixure of various vegetables, cooked in a creamy and tangy tomato and onion gravy, and best served with naan, chappati, rice or roti. From the outside, this dish may seem healthy, but it's anything but. While the vegetables themselves are a good source of various nutrients, they are often overcooked, thus destroying their nutritional value. The base of the gravy is prepared by frying onions and tomatoes for a long time, using lots of vegetable or palm oil to give the gravy the desired consistency....

Piping hot instant noodles - know your calories

One of the most popular snack and meal options across the country and served in almost every household is is a bowl of piping hot instant noodles, given the fact that it is economical, can be...

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Brown vs red vs white rice; what’s healthier?

Rice is a quintessential part of the Indian diet and consuming more than one serving of it a day is a common practice in almost every household. With health and fitness being an integral...

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Know your calories: puri bhaji and its impact on your belly

Puri Bhaji is one of the most popular breakfast options across the country, as not only is it quickly prepared, but is filling, economical, and is available at almost every restaurant. Comprising of a...

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Know your calories - lip-smacking biryani

Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in the country and is prepared on special occasions. Juicy and tender meat (chicken or whatever you prefer) with aromatic spices and fragrant long grain basmati...

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