Know your calories: puri bhaji and its impact on your belly

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Puri Bhaji is one of the most popular breakfast options across the country, as not only is it quickly prepared, but is filling, economical, and is available at almost every restaurant. Comprising of a “bhaji” that is primarily made up of potatoes and spices, it is served with puris that are made using refined flour and are deep-fried till they are soft and fluffy. So what makes this popular dish unhealthy and why does it rank among the unhealthiest dishes that we’ve covered on our page? Let’s get into the details.

Puri Bhaji

The Ingredients:

As always, we shall first analyze the ingredients that go into making puri bhaji. The primary ingredient in the bhaji is potatoes that are first boiled and then mashed and cooked using refined vegetable oil and a few spices as well. The puris served along with the bhaji are made using refined flour and refined oil and are then deep-fried till they are golden brown. By no stretch of the imagination is this dish low on calories. 

Puri Bhaji Calories


A single serving of Puri Bhaji comes loaded with 61 grams of Carbohydrates or 244 KCal. These are empty calories as they come from the refined flour used in the puris and the potatoes used in the bhaji itself. These empty calories not only spike your insulin as they are among the highest GI foods, and since they contain just 2 grams of dietary fiber, you won't feel satiated for all that long.


By now you should know that we at HYP aren't against fats, so long as they are healthy fats. A single serving of Puri Bhaji contains a whopping 33 grams of fats or 297 KCAL, and fats alone account for more than half the calories in each serving. What’s worse is that the fats in Puri Bhaji come from refined vegetable or palm oil that is reused multiple times and is often taken beyond their smoking point, thus resulting in the oil releasing chemicals that can be potential carcinogens.


The most important macro ie protein is found in the lowest quantity, which is common for unhealthy foods, and it's exactly what makes them unhealthy. At just 4.2 grams or 16.8 KCAL of incomplete protein per serving, you will not get anywhere near your daily protein requirement, but will instead be loaded with carbohydrates and fats. Mornings is the time when your body’s protein demand is at its highest and depriving it of protein after a fast can adversely affect your health.

So the next time you decide to begin your day with a serving of Puri Bhaji, just remember that there are healthier alternatives.

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