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One of the most popular snack and meal options across the country and served in almost every household is is a bowl of piping hot instant noodles, given the fact that it is economical, can be prepared at home, and customised based on one's preference. Given the fact that it is prepared in 2-3 minutes, it is extremely convenient for those who do not prefer restaurant food but prefer preparing their own meals instead. But is a bowl of instant noodles any healthier and should you be wary of consuming them? In today's Know Your Calories blog, we'll help you find answers to all your questions. 

Ingredients: The noodles are made using wheat flour, palm oil, vegetable gum, and a combination of various salts. The noodles themselves contain pure carbs and little to almost no protein. The tastemaker packet contains sugar, onion powder, and a mixture of spices that are acceptable, but it's the artificial colours and flavours that are added that can be a cause for concern.

Carbohydrates: Each bowl of pipping hot noodles contains 44.5 grams of carbohydrates, or 178 kcal. While it is predominantly made using wheat flour and carbohydrates per se aren't bad, given the low fiber content and the fact that other macro nutrients are not in the right proportion, it is pretty easy to go overboard with the calories. 

Fats: Each serving of instant noodles will give you 11 grams of fat, or 99 kcal, and considering that this comes from just one packet of noodles, that is a lot. Moreover, these fats are derived from palm or refined vegetable oils, making them unhealthy and not the best option out there.

Protein: As has been an ongoing trend, protein comes at 7 grams or 28 kcal per serving, being the lowest macronutrient here. This number may appear a little high, but it comes in at 320 kcal per bowl, and since all of it is derived from wheat, it is also an incomplete source of protein.

Given that there are a multitude of healthy snacking options out there, such as protein bars, eggs, etc., you are better off choosing them as a snack rather than a bowl of noodles.

So there you go, another food dish or snack covered by us at HYP. Do keep on following us for future updates.

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