Things to keep in mind when trying to lose weight

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Most of the people who hit the gym or partake in physical exercises such as cycling, jogging, swimming, etc do it with a purpose, that is to get fit and to stay healthy. Part of being fit and healthy involves losing fat and burning calories, and for some, it also involves gaining muscle mass and definition as well. So if losing weight and getting into shape is what's on your mind, then there are some do's and don'ts that you should be aware of.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Do not drink your calories:

One of the easiest ways to consume a high number of calories is by drinking them. For some, they may include sipping on soft drinks and milkshakes, while for others it may involve consuming multiple smoothies throughout the day. You should stick to whole foods that help keep you satiated, rather than indulging in a mid-day shake or smoothie.

Eat fibrous foods:

An apple contains the same number of calories when compared to a can of a soft drink, but somehow one is healthy, while the other isn't. Ever wondered why is that? While apples do contain sugar, they're also high in dietary fiber, which means that the sugar binds to the fiber and isn't absorbed into your bloodstream. Also, dietary fiber helps you stay satiated for longer and is known to reduce hunger pangs.

Drink sufficient water:

The benefits of drinking water are known to almost one and all, but did you know that water can help you lose weight? Many a time, we mistake thirst for hunger and tend to binge eat on some of the unhealthiest snacks out there. So the next time you have this uncontrollable urge to snack on something between meals, try a glass or two of water and watch the difference.

Include leafy-greens:

Leafy green vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, and including them in every meal is a wise move. Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage are extremely low in calories and when consumed with a meal, can help you feel full due to their high fiber content as well. This ensures that you keep your portion size in check and do not overeat.

So there you have it, some handy tips that will help you shed that extra weight and will aid you in your fitness goals.

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