Top 5 brown foods that aren't that healthy

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Over the years, we've been led to believe that brown foods are a healthier alternative to white foods, as they're rich in fiber, vitamins, and whatnot. There are brands that have employed marketing agencies to force this down your throat that brown foods are a healthier alternative. But if they are, then why do brands need marketing agencies to tell you this? And if they are as good as they claim to be, then wouldn't we have known about them already? In today's blog, we'll dig deep and find out the truth behind these so-called healthy foods, by listing the top 5 popular brown foods that are touted to be healthier alternatives.

Brown sugar:

Brown sugar is among the most sought-after food that is often touted as a healthier alternative, but it isn't. Brown sugar is just regular sugar, with a bit of molasses either added to it or not bleached when processing regular table sugar. Molasses give it a brown colour, but it has no nutritional benefits whatsoever. The glycemic index of brown and regular table sugar is the same. You're just paying a higher amount for the added brown colour, that's all. You're better off sticking to regular refined sugar or just quitting sugar completely. Want to know what quitting sugar can do to your body? Then click here to know more.

Brown bread:

Just like brown rice, brown bread is often marketed as a healthier alternative, but the truth is that brown bread is just regular white bread with some added food colour. Many companies add a blend of whole wheat and regular refined flour to deceive consumers into believing that the bread is healthier. Again, the brown colour is derived from molasses and other colouring agents and is loaded with various stabilizers, anti-caking agents, and emulsifiers to increase the shelf life. So how exactly is brown bread healthier then? The short answer is that it isn't!

Brown rice:

Another so-called superfood that marketing companies have forced you into believing is healthy is brown rice. And while brown rice is lower on the glycemic index than regular white rice, Brown rice is high in anti-nutrients such as Phytic Acid, and high in arsenic - something that is not fit for human consumption. If you consume rice regularly, then regular white rice is good enough for you.

Brown eggs:

Brown eggs are another food that we end up paying a premium for, but are they worth the price? The colour of the egg is determined by the colour of the hen laying it, so nutitionally, they are the same. If you are looking for the best eggs, then look for free-range and organic eggs, where the hens laying them are allowed to roam around freely and are let to eat whatever they find from the ground. These eggs are comparitavely higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin Bs and Vitamin D.

Whole wheat brown pasta:

Just like brown sugar and rice, brown or whole wheat pasta is an absolute sham. Brown pasta contains 51% Whole wheat and 49% refined flour, so how does it qualify as whole wheat? The devil, as always is in the details. Since whole wheat makes up for the majority of the ingredients at 51%, they are permitted to use whole wheat on the label. It, therefore, becomes extremely important to read the ingredients of the foods that you are buying and consuming.

So there you have it, another blog exposing the food industry and the misleading marketing tactics employed by them. For more such insights, continue following our page.

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