Why the humble samosa pav isn’t so humble

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One of the most popular snacks in India is the humble Samosa Pav that is available in every nook and corner of the country. It has often been one of the most preferred evening snacks for college students and working individuals. However, this humble snack is not so humble after all, as it is loaded with unhealthy fats and simple carbs that are, in all likelihood, preventing you from hitting your fitness goals.


Samosa Pav Calories 



If you take a close look at the nutritional information, you will notice that almost half of the 470 calories come from fats. And while fats are an essential macronutrient and should be a part of a healthy meal plan, the fats that you get from a samosa pav are the unhealthy fats. Moreover, the oil used to fry the samosas is reheated and reused multiple times, often heated beyond its smoking point, making it highly dangerous and potentially carcinogenic. Since the oil goes through various heat cycles, it also comprises trans fats that are unregulated with roadside eateries.




While carbs per ser aren’t bad the stuffing that goes into a samosa is unhealthy, as it comprises of a mixture of potatoes and spices, which in itself aren’t bad, but add unnecessary calories and are adding to your waistline. The outer part of the samosa is made of maida/refined flour which is a source of unhealthy refined carbs that makes up the crust. This when deep-fried, tends to absorb a lot of oil, but gives the samosa a crunchy and savory flavour. To make matters worse, the pav or bread that it comes along with is again loaded with simple carbs that cause a massive insulin spike, which then results in weight gain. If you are looking to shed some weight and want to stay fit and healthy, then you should consider reducing or eliminating simple carbs and look for healthier sources of fibrous carbohydrates.




Looking at the nutritional information, you may be led to believe that you are getting a fair amount of protein, but the devil lies in the detail. You see, the 7 grams of protein that you think you are getting is actually an incomplete protein. It means that the protein does not contain all the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs, thus misleading you into believing that you are getting 7 grams of protein. Unlike high-quality sources of protein such as milk, chicken, fish, etc., your body cannot utilize these incomplete proteins for muscle building.


Moreover, roadside eateries are unhygienic and the food is often prepared without keeping the basic hygiene standards in mind. They are often exposed to dust, and various flies and other insects tend to sit on them, which can cause a host of immediate health issues such as diarrhea and food poisoning as well.


If you are committed to staying fit and shedding those extra pounds, then you should stay away from this unhealthy tea time snack and look for healthier snacks that you can gorge upon such as our range of HYP - Protein bars, Protein cookies, Protein Pies, boiled eggs, or egg whites, a protein shake, etc.

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