Kheema pav - know your calories

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Kheema Pav is the go-to breakfast option for many, especially in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. Kheema pav is minced meat, cooked with fried onions and spices to give it a rich and flavourful consistency and texture. Cooked over medium heat till the meat is tender, and the spices have released all their flavors, it's then served with a popular Indian bread called pav. So is Kheema Pav healthy? How many calories does it contain? Looking for answers? We've got you covered.

Ingredients: Fried and caramelized onions and a bunch of spices slowly cooked with minced mutton meat till the spices release their flavours, cooked in ghee or refined oil and served with Pav aka bread made using refined flour, this breakfast dish, by no means is low on calories.

Carbohydrates: We Indians love bread and need it in almost every meal. Each plate of Kheema Pav with 4 Pavs packs 60 grams of carbohydrates or 240 Kcal. Not all of the Carbohydrates come from the pav alone, as a lot of ingredients go into making the Kheema itself.

Fats: Mutton isn't the leanest meat out there and each plate of Mutton Kheema packs 30 grams of fats or 270 Kcal. While preparing the dish as well, a lot of oil is utilized to fry and caramelize the onions, and to shallow fry the mince and spices in refined oils.

 Protein: For a change, this dish isn't low on protein, as typically observed with other snacks and breakfast options. Each plate of Kheema Pav packs in 32 grams of Protein or 128 Kcal.

The Verdict: While Kheema Pav packs in a decent amount of Protein per plate, it's the added Fats and Carbohydrates that make it not so healthy. If you want a healthier variation of this dish, then you can swap the Mutton mince for Chicken and use just a teaspoon or two of oil while preparing it. You can also swap the Pav for Homemade Chapatis as well.

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