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Know Your Calories – Maggi instant noodles

Posted by S Manju on

Maggi has been always an off-beat and mind-blowing treat for breakfast or evening snack. Have we ever thought the side-effects caused from this stored food? Since these instant noodles are manufactured to bear a longer shelf life, they are highly processed. In addition they are loaded with fat, calories, sodium, lead, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, colors etc. As a known fact, Maggi is a food item that is made of maida which is milled, refined and bleached version of wheat flour. Because it is made of maida, it causes bowel troubles, and obesity. Children are at higher risk compared to adults. They are likely to face health complication such as brain problems because their bodies can absorb lead faster than adults. Let us have a look at the calories gained from this empty calories snack.



Weight (grams)









Maggi – instant noodles

 138 g

7 g

14 g

48 g








HYP Meal Replacement Bar

60 g

20 g

8 g

27 g



To sum up, excessive noodle consumption can cause severe health issues. It is nothing but a source of empty calories ripped off all essential nutrition. In spite of all these health complications, everyone still loves to eat Maggi. So, eat it occasionally by adding plenty of vegetables, egg, tofu or paneer so that it makes a complete meal.

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