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Dhokla is among the most popular tea-time snacks in India, and for good reason, as the flavour and fluffiness, topped with curry leaves and grated coconut, served with a tangy chutney. Sold commercially in various farsan shops, this is among the most satiating tea-time snacks that you will ever find. But do you know how many calories it contains? Today's blog will help you find answers.



Prepared using chickpea flour, sugar, vegetable oil, baking powder, curds, and a few spices, the batter is steamed and topped with curry leaves, mustard seeds, refined oil, and grated coconut, and the calories suddenly shoot up.


Each piece of Dhokla contains 14 grams of Carbohydrates or 52 Kcal. While most of this comes from the besan, and the glycemic index of besan is low, the added 2 grams of refined sugar. Considering that all the carbohydrates come from just a single piece of dhokla, that is pretty high.

Fats: Each piece of dhokla contains 4 grams of fats or 36 Kcal, and all of this comes from refined vegetable oil that is used while mixing the batter and later on the top to add some extra flavour. While 4 grams of fats may seem low, do keep in mind that this is per piece and the amount increases with every additional piece you consume.


Each piece of dhokla contains 3 grams of protein or 12 Kcal. While besan in itself is an incomplete protein, adding curds during the fermentation completes the amino acids. However, at just 3 grams of protein, you cannot rely on this to be a healthy source of protein.

The option:

If you want to prepare a healthier version at home, you can add a bit of unflavoured whey protein with the besan, and curds and swap the refined vegetable oil with healthier fats such as ghee, do not add sugar or swap it with a low-calorie sweetener, and go easy on the tadka, as that is what makes up for most of the calories.


So there you go, another popular Indian snack covered by us at HYP. Keep following us for more updates and blogs.

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