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Why you should stop giving "health drinks" to your kids

  Health drinks that are doing more harm than good to your kids. Health drinks are extremely popular in India, especially among parents who want to provide their kids with the best nutrition possible. While they may be under the impression that these healthy drinks are good for their children, the reality couldn't be farther from the truth. And in all honesty, you can't blame them, as these health brands have one of the best marketing tactics at their disposal, by using terms like fortified with vitamins and minerals, immune-boosting properties, high protein, and whatnot. Their claims are further strengthened...

5 rooftop workouts that you must follow

Let's face it, the current pandemic has hit fitness enthusiasts hard, as gyms across the country have either kept their doors closed, or are functioning with a lot of restrictions. Fitness enthusiasts have therefore...

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The doughnut’s doppelganger: the dreaded medu wada

One of the most popular breakfast and mid-day snacking dishes in India is the medu wada, which is a savoury circular dish, which closely resembles a doughnut. Just like the donut, the medu wada...

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Changes that can help your gains

Nutrition is one of the key aspects in getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition plays an important part in not just muscle building, but fat loss and overall health and well being....

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