Debunking the top 5 fitness myths

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Getting fit and staying healthy is a goal that many set out to achieve. While fitness goals may vary from one person to the other, one thing is certain, we've all come across fitness advice from those who claim to know a lot about fitness. In today's blog, we've listed and debunked the top 5 fitness myths that will help you attain a sense of clarity  

You can't have cheat meals:

One of the most common fitness myths is that you cannot have cheat meals, ever. If you keep such an approach n mind, then chances are that your food options will dwindle and you will be left with just bland food all the time. This can then lead to an adverse effect, as your social life will take a hit and chances are that you will return to your unhealthy ways once again. Every now and then, do treat yourself for your hard work and don't let your social life be impacted.

Tea and coffee are bad for you:

Another lie that's found its way into the fitness industry is that tea and coffee are bad for you. This is based on the understanding that you may be adding heaping spoonfuls of sugar to your tea or coffee, which is flawed. If you are someone who likes his/her tea or coffee twice a day, then, by all means, you can enjoy them. Just ensure that you're using a low-calorie sweetener. Don't know all that much about sweeteners? Then click here to know more.

You must eat boiled foods all the time:

The one who came up with this myth surely wanted to put fitness enthusiasts through hell. While you may not be able to enjoy junk food, you most certainly don't have to eat boiled food to stay fit. You can always consume baked, grilled, and tossed foods such as meats and vegetables and add healthy oils while doing so. Don't know a lot about healthy oils? Click here to know more.

You cannot hit your goals without supplements:

This myth was surely invented by the supplement industry because nobody else would benefit from such a myth. The fact of the matter is that you only need supplements o to add value to your already dialed-in nutrition. In fact, supplements should only be 10% of your daily diet and the rest of your nutrition should come from whole foods. In fact, eating your meals will help you stay satiated longer, and the chances of you binge eating something unhealthy are extremely low.

Only protein matters:

This is another fitness myth that needs to be debunked immediately as many gym goers focus solely on their protein intake, without paying heed to the other macros. Protein is the most important macronutrient, but it's not the only one, and leaving out carbohydrates and healthy fats can make you extremely unwell and nutrient deficient. So the next time a "gym bro" tells you to only focus on your protein intake, you need to get away from them immediately.


So there you have it, another fitness myth debunked by us. Do keep following us for more such interesting facts and stay fit.

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