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Street food, especially the Indo-Chinese foods sold street-side is extremely popular among the youngsters, as not only does it taste good, but it's quickly prepared and is quite economical. However, Indo-Chinese dishes are prepared using some of the unhealthiest ingredients such as MSG, commercially sold sauces that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and artificial colours that give the dish a bright red appearance. One such dish is Chinese Bhel and in today's know-your-calories blog, we'll give you the complete breakdown of the dish.

The Ingredients: The primary ingredient used here is crispy fried noodles, and they are deep fried in vegetable or palm oil to give them that crunchy texture. In fact, the noodles are first deep-fried and cooked in oil once again. The other ingredients used are a mixture of tomato sauce, soya sauce, chilly sauce, Schezwan sauce, and a few vegetables for the namesake.

Carbohydrates: Each plate or serving of Chinese Bhel contains 127 grams of carbohydrates or 508 Kcal. Most, if not all these carbohydrates come from the deep-fried refined flour noodles, which will surely spike your blood glucose levels.

Fats: Each plate of Chinese Bhel contains 64 grams or 576 Kcal of fats, all of which comes from refined vegetable or palm oil. While fats aren't bad per se, and this dish may be light on the pocket, but with over 50% of its calories coming from fats alone, it surely isn't light on the belly.

Protein: As has been an ongoing trend with junk food, protein, that's the most important macro-nutrient is present at just 11 grams or 44 Kcal -  the lowest of all the macronutrients here. And while you may be able to amp up the protein content by opting for a chicken or paneer variant, do keep in mind that they are also deep-fried, so you won't be getting just some extra protein, but fats as well.

So there you have it, the popular Chinese Bhel in all its glory. For more such insights, continue following us.

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