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How much protein does a human body need every day?

  Proteins can be compared to the ‘King’ on your chessboard. No king, No game. Similarly, no proteins no life.  They are incredibly important for a healthy life. If a body doesn’t get sufficient proteins from the diet, then it’s ultimately sure to lead to the suffering. Yet, there are different opinions on how much protein a human body actually requires. Let us read the article to know more in detail. Protein intake in general The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is approximately 0.8 gm of protein/kg of body weight. This almost equates to about 56 gm of protein...

The convenience of protein bars in your diet

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth by staying healthy? Here's a way out! For an average person 40-50 grams of protein is enough for an entire day. But athletes and people who do workouts...

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Dietary fiber and it's health benefits

You might have frequently heard people advising “eat more fiber” or “include more fiber in your diet”? The very next minute you might have questions loaded in your mind like; what is fiber? What...

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Cocoa in your hyp bars - health benefits

The word 'chocolate' supercharges our mind and soul. Agreed? Of course YES! It would be more interesting to know why and what impact does it have on our health.To add on, high cocoa content...

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Top 5 fitness myths among women

The most common fitness misconceptions that hold women back when pursuing fitness and health - Weight lifts will result in bulky body In case you were not aware that women are gifted with lower...

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Artificial sweeteners – are the downsides over hyped?

We are talking about non-calorific artificial sweeteners here – the ones we use in very small quantities to replace a high amount of sugar. We are seeing these more often on our grocery store...

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He eats more than me.. but boy, how does he manage to stay so lean?

Every one of us has that buddy in our group who does not miss all the beer binges, pizza dinners and yet stays pretty lean. Much to our envy and with no visible reasons...

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