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Health benefits of whey proteins

Of all the nutrition you gain from food, proteins are the most important. Hence it is compared to ‘King’ and is much loved. People like to include food rich in proteins to re-gain or maintain their healthy life.  Under proteins, demand for whey proteins tops the list. Are you wondering what a whey protein is and why is it considered as best supplements? Read on to expand your knowledge regarding whey proteins. What is whey protein? Milk basically consists of Casein and Whey. Whey protein is separated from casein and is produced as a by-product of cheese and curd manufacturing....

Nutrition myths – eat this or not?

Accept it or not, you are in midst of people who set fitness goals to re-build their poor health. Today people are crazily following anything and everything they read about health and nutrition online....

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Crank up your breakfast macros

For most of us, it is really bliss to wake up with the aroma of curry leaves and series of sputtering mustard seeds. It signals, the day is ready to be welcomed with something...

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Sleep deprived workouts are a bad idea

Do you have an idea, how important sleep is for a human being? It is as important as you breathe and eat. If you don’t eat and breathe a human being is expected to...

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Easy to access vegetarian protein

In the previous blog, we had discussed that the protein-deficiency in Indians is found mostly in vegetarians. So, in case you are a vegetarian, take a chill pill. You might be worried about getting...

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Analysis of protein deficiency in typical indian diet

It is never erroneous to say “The greatest wealth is health”. But it is disappointing to note that our country is known for its protein deficiency. Do you know why? Let us look at...

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2 new sugar free variants - coming soon!!

Launching across all our sales channels by 1st Feb -

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