Can whey protein help control type 2 diabetes?

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Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies, or so we were taught in school, because proteins help our bodies carry out various day-to-day activities while also keeping us healthy. How important is protein, we hear you ask? If you'd like to know more, then do read our blog here for more information. Besides building muscles, helping in the smooth functioning of our bodies and boosting our immune systems, protein-rich foods are known to have many more benefits, and given that our Indian diets are predominantly high in carbohydrates and extremely low in protein, supplementing with them should be a no-brainer. But enough of that. Let's see how protein supplements can help in treating Type 2 diabetes and is there any truth to those claims? Let's analyse that in today's blog.

According to Dr Daniel West, Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator working with the Human Nutrition Research Center and Diabetes Research Center at Newcastle University, UK, consuming a small amount of whey protein before meals helps patients suffering from type 2 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels more effectively. In controlled research, it was observed that patients who suffered from type 2 diabetes and who regularly consumed protein shakes before their meals were monitored for a week. Their blood glucose levels were monitored multiple times a day all throughout the week, all the while the patients went about their daily activities. According to him, whey protein works in 2 ways: first by slowing down how fast food passes through the digestive system, and secondly by simulating various hormones that prevent your blood glucose levels from rising. The details of this study can be found here.

This marks the first major breakthrough in the health and wellness industry, as for a long time there was a preconceived notion that whey protein was exclusively for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts and not for the average working person or housewife. Moreover, as mentioned above, whey protein also contains lactoferrins and immunoglobulins, both of which are known to increase your body's immune system and to keep you healthy and strong from within.

This should be taken very seriously, especially by us Indians, because India is the diabetic capital of the world, and with the number of cases being detected every day, this could be considered a major breakthrough. This is especially true because Type 2 diabetes is known to be an immunosuppressant, in addition to putting a strain on your cardiovascular system, kidneys, and eyes. If not from a health perspective, then you can convince your loved-ones to swap their daily cup of tea, coffee, or favourite beverage with a small protein shake, as they are available in various lip-smacking flavours, minus the sugar. Make sure you read the ingredients, and stay clear of protein supplements that contain fillers such as maltodextrin, dextrose, sugar, etc.

The above study will be conducted over a period of six months in order to get a better understanding of the advantages of non-medical supplements and their effectiveness in regulating your blood glucose levels. The study will also include plant protein powders for the vegans, thus making it all inclusive. We shall keep you updated as and when we receive updates, but if initial observations are anything to go by, then the results seem more than promising.

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