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Dive into the world of traditional Indian sweets with our exploration of Kesar Pedha. Learn about its decadent ingredients, nutritional breakdown, and why indulging in moderation is key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Discover the hidden truths behind this beloved delicacy in today’s Know Your Calories Blog.



Kesar Pedha, a popular Indian sweet, typically contains ingredients such as khoa (reduced milk), sugar, saffron (kesar), and cardamom powder. While these ingredients contribute to its rich flavor and creamy texture, they also add significant amounts of sugar and fats to the sweet.



Kesar Pedha is predominantly made of khoa and sugar, making it high in carbohydrates. On average, it contains around 60 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. This high carbohydrate content can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, especially for individuals with diabetes or those watching their carbohydrate intake.


Due to the presence of khoa and often added ghee (clarified butter), Kesar Pedha tends to be high in fats. It can contain approximately 30 grams of fats per 100 grams. While fats are an essential nutrient, consuming Kesar Pedha in large quantities can contribute to an excessive intake of saturated fats, which may increase the risk of heart disease and obesity.


Despite containing milk solids (khoa), Kesar Pedha is not a significant source of protein. It typically provides around 8 grams of protein per 100 grams. While protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, Kesar Pedha may not be the best choice for meeting daily protein needs, especially considering its high carbohydrate and fat content.

While Kesar Pedha is a delicious and indulgent treat enjoyed on special occasions, it is considered unhealthy when consumed in excess due to its high sugar, fat, and calorie content. Regular consumption of sweets like Kesar Pedha can contribute to weight gain, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. It is essential to enjoy such sweets in moderation as part of a balanced diet to maintain overall health and well-being.

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