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Why should you consume proteins for weight loss ? – 3 simple reasons

A key component of some of the new age diets – keto, paleo etc involves cutting down on the carbs and keeping the protein intake high. You might be thinking, why? What role does protein play in the weight loss journey? We have tried, to sum up, the reasons under 3 heads - 1) Protein Satiates – Simply put we feel fuller for a longer period of time after consuming a protein-rich snack or meal. Protein slows down the digestion cycle making us more satisfied with the meal and thereby preventing us from reaching for seconds. Think about a mere...

Cholesterol in our diet

Cholesterol  is present in every single cell of our body. It goes by the chemical formula C27H46O – essentially a carbon-based molecule. Cholesterol is a vital component of our body to maintain our cellular...

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Know your calories - samosa

  Next on our radar was samosa. We hammer this down for breakfast, snack, tea..what not. High time we knew the numbers. Again the main culprits that skew these numbers originate from the re-used...

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Nopey nope fitness myths – part 1

#1 - I'd like to work out but I don't want to look too jacked, you know like that guy on the poster (Points to Ronnie Coleman pic on the gym wall). Good luck....

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Do we focus too much on the "calories-out"?

A good article backed up with data on why the focus on physical exercise alone as a means to achieve weight loss is a flawed thinking - Vox Article

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Does eating fat make you fat?

We see this a lot in our customer interactions But your bars have fat..? I would think about buying if it were zero fat...  When people say they want to cut down their dietary...

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Hyp sugar free bars – how does it fit into a diabetic diet?

Beyond just counting the carb content of the foods you eat, diabetics need to look at the glycemic index of the different carb sources that constitute them. The GI tell you how fast the...

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